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BROM – Beierbach / Roder / Marien

Alexander Beierbach – tenor & soprano saxophone
Jan Roder – bass
Christian Marien – drums

Whether in concert, in rehearsal or in the studio, the Berlin trio BROM is at work together – comparable to a collective artist’s workshop in which the three of them are busy modeling or carving a sculpture. Tenor saxophonist Alexander Beierbach, double bassist Jan Roder and drummer Christian Marien have been playing together in this band for around 15 years. In numerous concerts they have developed their own unique way of combining composed and improvised music. read more

BROM – Beierbach / Roder / Marien
A Night And 43 Seconds
Tiger Moon Records 2024 (TMR 014)

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14.03.24 – Mannheim, Jazz im Jungbusch
03.06.24 – Berlin, Kühlspot (Berliner Jazzwoche)
09.06.24 – Lübeck, Waldzimmer

25.01.23 – Rüsselsheim, Theater
27.02.23 – Hamburg, Jazzraum
28.02.23 – Bamberg, Jazzclub
01.03.23 – Villach (AT), Kulturforum
03.03.23 – Graz (AT), Stockwerk
18.03.23 – Wangelin
19.03.23 – Lübeck, Waldzimmer
20.03.23 – Magdeburg, Jazz in der Kammer
25.05.23 – Chemnitz, Weltecho
26.05.23 – Greiz, Festival
27.05.23 – Nürnberg, Jazz Studio
14.06.23 – Bremen, Westend
15.06.23 – Backnang
16.06.23 – Taubenbach (Reut), Zoglau3
17.06.23 – Prien am Chiemsee, Jazz am Roseneck
18.06.23 – Hannover, Tonhalle
21.06.23 – Berlin, Studio-Aufnahme
22.06.23 – Berlin, Studio-Aufnahme
17.09.23 – Berlin, Kühlspot
18.11.23 – Villingen, Jazzclub



Cardboard Sea
Tiger Moon Records 2018 (TMR 005)

Infos and Sound
Tiger Moon Records


gligg records 2013 (gligg 066)

Infos and Sound
gligg records




all concert photos © Frank Schindelbeck


African Paper ( – April 2019 – A. Kaudaht about “Cardboard Sea”
“Without rest, new goals are constantly being set off, ambiguous beautiful mood details are explored. … The fact that all of this never really gets out of the way and always finds new directions shows how well the trio is in tune with each other.”

JazzPodium – October/November 2018 – Rainer Bratfisch about “Cardboard Sea”
“… lyrical, with carefully balanced arches, played virtuoso, exciting and always good for surprises.”

The Free Jazz Collective ( – September 2018 – Martin Schray about “Cardboard Sea”
“What never falters is the freshness of his compositions.
… A very atmospheric album that matures the more you listen to it.”

SONIC – September 2018 – Hans-Dieter Grünefeld about “Cardboard Sea”
“BROM takes the liberty of deciding for itself and intuitively whether the notes or the situation has priority. The band has succeeded in discreetly presenting this aesthetic blurring in many colorations.”

Jazzthetik – September 2018 – Angela Ballhorn about “Cardboard Sea”
“The Berlin based Trio explores the various possibilities of the saxophone trio. Almost without exception, the compositions are by Beierbach, and it can be seen that the trio has become even more familiar and well-rehearsed over the years.”

BAD ALCHEMY – September 2018 – Rigo Dittmann on “Cardboard Sea”
“It is the charm of poetry that makes even papier-mâché swing, and finally Beierbach `sings´ Vian à la Gandhi once more.”

taz-Plan – 28.06.2018 – Tim Caspar Boehme about “Cardboard Sea”
“Together with Jan Roder on bass and the drummer Christian Marien, Beierbach relies on discreet overblowing and finely chiseled melodies, which Roder and Marien play around with varying pulse frequencies.”





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press photos (© Alexander Beierbach)
concert photos (© Frank Schindelbeck)
press photo – old (© Oliver Potratz)
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Alexander Beierbach
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