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Steffen Faul – trumpet
Matthias Müller – trombone
Alexander Beierbach – tenor saxophone
Max Andrzejewski – drums


The band ABSOLUTELY SWEET MARIE examines the music of Bob Dylan.

Four musicians, all of them rooted in Jazz and improvised music, transform Bob Dylans work with the tools of their own musical backgrounds. With three horns and drums, the band creates a caleidoscope of sounds and grooves: fragile, chamber-music-like parts meet dense collective improvisations, the sound of a brass band collides with polyphonic layers.

Sometimes the musicians arrange a whole Dylan song for ABSOLUTELY SWEET MARIE, or put it in a new musical context, but often it is only a fragment of a song that serves as a starting-point and provides the material for a new original composition.

“Wherever You Roam” is the quartet’s third CD (release: May 2020) on the musician’s own label Tiger Moon Records and brings together pieces from Dylan’s very different creative phases. In addition to arrangements that are relatively new to the program, there are some pieces that the band has played and worked on again and again at numerous concerts. Wherever You Roam is a successful snapshot and testimony of the lively and risk-taking playing of the quartet Absolutely Sweet Marie.




Absolutely Sweet Marie has been to the studio again!
Our third CD will be released soon on
Tiger Moon Records!

Wherever You Roam

Tiger Moon Records 2020 (TMR 008)
to be released on May 22, 2020


© Sandra Schuck

© Sandra Schuck

© Sandra Schuck


CD-Cover TMR 003: Another Side Of Blonde On Blonde by Absolutely Sweet Marie

Another Side Of Blonde On Blonde

Tiger Moon Records 2016 (TMR 003)
CD Infos
Tiger Moon Records

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CD-Cover TMR 001: Roads, Doves & Other Stuff by Absolutely Sweet Marie

Roads, Doves And Other Stuff

Tiger Moon Records 2014 (TMR 001)
CD Infos and Sound
Tiger Moon Records

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Radio Bremen – April 2017 – Arne Schumacher on the concert in Leer
“It is impressive how the quartet always finds new ways to transform the character and spirit of the Dylan original, including texts, into a coherent instrumental jazz expression. High art of interpretation – which is also a pleasure to listen to!”

JazzWord / The WholeNote – September 2016 – Ken Waxman on “Another Side Of Blonde On Blonde”
“… ASM shows its skill by re-contextualizing the familiar themes to take on new resonance. …
… The crowning achievement is when the four inject a circus-like atmosphere into I Want You via yelping horn parts to make it swing in all senses. As notable and thorny as alloying steel, the anthemic Just Like a Woman is re-imagined with a horn trio, with Beierbach almost tying himself into knots as he improvises freely.”

Jazzthetik – July/August 2016 – Angela Ballhorn on “Another Side Of Blonde On Blonde”.
“… the adaptations sound great… great arrangements, joy of playing and the necessary pinch of disrespect… crazy good and witty grooves.”

Jazzthing – June 2016 – Martin Laurentius on “Another Side Of Blonde On Blonde”
“How fruitful Dylan’s work can be for the four young jazz musicians was shown on the first CD Roads, Doves and Other Stuff. The fact that one can immerse oneself even more deeply in the creative cosmos of the American, that one can discover new facets that are worth working on, transforming and being reborn in a new form, is now shown by Another Side Of Blonde On Blonde.”

LongPlay – May 2016 – Robert Ratajczak on “Another Side Of Blonde On Blonde”
“The second album by Absolutely Sweet Marie is not only an interesting and original experiment, it’s also excellent music that both jazz lovers and Bob Dylan fans should reach for.”

Jazzthing – February 2016 – Wolf Kampmann on “Another Side Of Blonde On Blonde”
“Well, it’s always such a thing to translate Dylan into jazz, … But with more fun, humour and dedication than the four musicians have done, it is hardly possible to realize this ambitious task. …. It’s rousing, funny and never flat. A tribute worthy of the name.”

rbb-Kulturradio – April 2015 – by Ulf Drechsel
“Bob Dylan is one of the most sacred pillar saints in pop history. His songs have been worked on or “covered” by other musicians countless times. There are also jazzy versions of his compositions. But no other band finds an equally abstract, respectful and original approach like the unusually instrumented quartet from Berlin, named after a song from the 1966 Dylan album “Blonde on Blonde”.

Jazz ´n´ More – January 2015 – by Michel Estermann
” … Melody quotations and phrases are picked up and continued improvisational, so that the original material becomes independent compositions. The quartet creates a variety of timbres and grooves and with a lot of playfulness and free jazz approaches, new things come up. … a great pleasure to enjoy Bob Dylan this way. …”

Fidelity – January 2015 – by Hans Jürgen Schaal
” … Dylan’s songs mutate into unpredictable wind events, a wild mixture of march and waltz, cool jazz and blues, dixie and fanfare and with courageous excursions into free jazz improvisation. The quartet around the saxophonist Alexander Beierbach deliberately does this in a rough, sometimes subtle way, but always with its own individual touch. …”

Jazzthing – November 2014 – by Wolf Kampmann
” … an introspective listening pleasure for open ears with Dylan Faible.”

taz – taz.plan – September 04, 2014 – by Tim Caspar Boehme
” … The quartet has found a way to translate Bob Dylan’s songs into jazz arrangements that will amaze you.”


More Press reviews of Absolutely Sweet Marie can be found here. (not translated, sorry)





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